25 Apr 2016

Is your next career step onto a charity board?

UnLtd wants to place a senior industry person on the board of each of its growth charity partners.

UnLtd CEO Steve Taitoko, said the foundation had identified that a number of charities are in need of board representation with public relations, brand strategy and sales expertise.

“What a sales or strategy team does every day – is quite often exactly the expertise greatly needed by our charity partners, who are focussed on youth program delivery,” said Steve.

“Our industry is in a perfect position to contribute here, and so we’re asking industry leaders to come forward as board candidates.

“One of our goals is to create social impact at scale, and we believe we can do this by engaging our sector in charity boards, to help drive marketing outcomes and build sustainable business models,” he said.

UnLtd’s charities struggle with brand awareness, particularly in the digital age, which in turn makes it challenging for them to seek funding and build scale to reach more young people.
Steve explained that UnLtd is taking a venture capitalist approach to philanthropy in 2016.

“There’s a delicate balancing act between providing vital cash and creating a reliance on that funding – and supporting charities to become more sustainable,” said Steve.

“We don’t see philanthropy as being just a ‘funding source’. Our role is also connecting contribution to impact by: building capacity, relationships, access to marketing and media expertise, promoting workplace giving, business strategy, volunteering and providing high-value mentoring. “Our responsibility as a foundation is then to work with them to provide seed funding and access to the talent, commercial nous, creativity, intelligence and connections of our industry,” said Steve.

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