Stories of Hope

20 Feb 2018

A Poem by Jessica

This poem was created by “Jessica” based on her personal experiences and challenges. The environment that “Jessica” was brought up in lead her to self-harming on a daily basis.

When I close my eyes, there is a world I envision
a world with no lies no hurt and no discriminative division
a world where every boy and girl can feel safe when they rest their head and the only monsters they fear are the pretend ones under their bed

A world where parents actually care about the young ones they produce and work hard to love them and not make an excuse
for not supporting their dreams and shutting them up when they sing
all they want to do is share in the joy that they bring

A world where they don’t use their fists to give their kids’ discipline
where they don’t ignore their kids’ lives and actually start to listen to them where they wouldn’t dream of missing their daughter’s netball game and choose to sit at home instead pissing the family’s money down the drain

Where dads and mums don’t walk in on their sleeping daughter or son and molest them to create another monster to come
where paedophiles are locked away instead of taking kids’ innocence I shouldn’t cry though cuz’ that experience gave me resilience

A world where kids don’t grow up around alcohol abuse and drugs knowing the only friends their parents have are sleaze bags and thugs where it isn’t drilled into their head “do as I say not as I do”
but instead, I love you, you’re my baby girl and I want to take care of you

A world where parents only choose to use words that are nice
instead of feeding their kids shit that makes them feel cold as ice.
you’re ugly, stupid, worthless – I wish you were never born
kids shouldn’t have to build an immunity to this kind of violence and scorn

A world where we find positive ways to heal the pain
not doing drugs, drinking up and taking razors to our veins where they realise your hurt before you turn to a noose and hold you and tell you it’s alright, I’ll be there for you

A world where kids can go to school without shaking in their shoes
cuz they know the bullies are waiting there to begin their abuse
getting notes put in their lockers, tripped over, stuff thrown at them in class until the quiet victim snaps and gets in trouble for putting the bully on his arse

A world that’s no longer ruled by corruption and greed
the rich get richer blind to the homeless searching for a free feed
a world where people ain’t hated for sexual orientation and skin colour where we can all hold hands and know that we’re sisters and brothers

Cuz when push comes to shove, we’re human, we all bleed red I can’t understand why people can’t get it through their head See this one world? It’s the one world that we were given
so we might as well make it a safe place for us to live in

A world where we can walk the streets and listen freely to our beats a world where people get praise for their achievements,
not reminded of their defeats
a world where politics and economics are the last thing on the news and celebration of life becomes what all the viewers view

See I guess the way I grew up has given me ammunition to want me to create a better world for us to live in
when I close my eyes I see this, I want it to give hope to ya’ forgive me if you think it’s an impossible utopia

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