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20 Feb 2018

Cairns Murri Crew - 'Built to Last', Desert Pea Media (DPM) & UnLtd

‘Song Nation Vol. 1’ is a compilation of original Hip Hop music and online videos celebrating the very much alive and vibrant Indigenous contemporary culture across regional and remote areas of Australia and Torres Straits Islands. The first single (out now) is ‘Built To Last‘.

Completely independent and unlike anything in the industry, Desert Pea Media (DPM) known for their unique dialogue-driven song writing workshop process, have created one of the most exciting and culturally significant albums in recent times.

Written as part of a collaborative process with DPM facilitators and young people from Cairns High School in Cairns (QLD) a.k.a Cairns Murri Crew the track pays homage to Gimuy Walabura Yidinji people and the many elders and community leaders who fought for Indigenous rights for decades.

‘I can tell ya bro – If you don’t know where you been… I can tell ya sis – If you missed out on your dreams… I can tell you that the spirit is strong, and if you know the song – Then you can sing along with me.’ - Built to Last

How does UnLtd support Desert Pea Media?

UnLtd provided financial support for The Song Nation project, which identifies and breaks down social and cultural issues through collaborative storytelling, music, film and performance. The aim is to empower Indigenous young people through truth, hope and a mantra of positivity.

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