Stories of Hope

20 Feb 2018

"Dom", batyr & UnLtd

Dom was 16 when he had his first anxiety attack. He describes it as a time where engaging in the most basic activities could bring him to tears. Life as a young high school student was tough, and despite having the world at his feet he struggled to see how he could possibly get through this dark period. After seeing a psychologist, he learnt some vital skills to get him through school and off to uni.

However, new challenges surfaced while Dom was at uni and despite the fact those closest to him thought he was doing fine, he knew that was far from the truth. Dom sought help again and after finding a psychologist that was right for him, he eventually took control of his life. In 2011, Dom became a batyr speaker, where he learnt how to share his story with others in the hope of being able to help a friend or a family member if they ever needed it. Despite having very little public speaking experience previous to his work with batyr, Dom has now gone on to speak to over 2500 young people through batyr@school programs.

How UnLtd has helped batyr

UnLtd supports the batyr@school program that connects young speakers who have lived a social or mental health issue with secondary and tertiary students through sharing their story. UnLtd has connected batyr to corporate partners in the media industry that are helping batyr smash the stigma around mental health.

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