When did UnLtd launch?

The trading name of Media Assisting Youth Limited launched in 2006 and more recently it operates under the brand name of UnLtd

What makes UnLtd so unique?

We are an industry that has decided to use our power, wealth and talent to step in where a young life has been negatively affected from experiences such as tragedy, harm, grief, illness, loss, homelessness, and their ability to reach their full potential is stifled.

Does UnLtd work directly with young people?

No.  Our industry is neither skilled nor equipped to work directly with young people especially in the highly specialized areas where our beneficiaries operate.  UnLtd is about enabling those who are great at delivering measurable results at scale – we provide them with the relevant support and then step back and let them work their magic with the young people.

How much support has UnLtd provided to date?

Since 2006 nearly $8million in value has been distributed to various NFP beneficiaries. Another $3million dollars in valued pro-bono services and resources has been delivered from across the industry.

Where does the funding come from to support the charity partners?

Historically, funding has been provided through the donation and sale of media packages.

In 2014, UnLtd launched UnLtd Giving.  This will enable companies and employees to contribute in a relevant way, including pre tax payroll donations, group mentoring, volunteering or fundraising.

When are charity partners selected?

Applications are received at the end of each calendar year and announcements are made each February.  Beneficiaries can however continue to apply throughout the year and consideration will be given as deemed appropriate by the Grants Committee.

How do charity partners apply for funding and support?

Please contact carol@unltd.org.au for an update on the 2016 application process.

How do you evaluate the performance of a charity partner?

Prior to receiving UnLtd support, each beneficiary agrees to a set KPI’s which the Audit and Grants Committee reviews six-monthly. Beneficiaries are then invited to present their achievements to the Board, Committees and Sponsors.

Does UnLtd have deductible gift recipient status with the ATO?


How do I support UnLtd Giving?

Companies sign up to the UnLtd Giving program and this enables employees to download the app and make a monthly donation.

How much goes to the charity partners?

100% of donations go to support an UnLtd charity partners.

Can you nominate where funds go?

Yes, you can specifically select one of UnLtd’s beneficiaries. Alternatively, you can allow UnLtd to distribute the funds based on the needs of the charity partners.

Is the payroll giving program pre-tax?


What does pre-tax actually mean?

It means that fa $10 monthly donation from your salary will only cost you approximately $7, depending on your pay scale.

How much does the charity partner receive?

If you pledge $10 a month, the charity partner will receive $10.

Is company matching mandatory?

No, however worldwide research shows that the success of payroll giving significantly improves employee engagement if the company also contributes.

What agreements are required?

GiveEasy is the technology platform provider that enables employees to register through.  Therefore, the agreement is between the Company and GiveEasy but UnLtd will help to facilitate the process and terms.

How long will it take to set up the mobile app?

For companies, set up takes approximately one-week. For an individual, downloading the app takes just a few minutes (providing the company has already completed the set up).

What is required to set up the app?

Once the agreement is in place, only contact details and corporate logos are required to customise the interface.

What does the company payroll department need to do?

The platform does not interface with the company’s payroll system. It is simple to generate detailed reports ensuring the company can manage the appropriate deductions.

What support will I get from UN LTD?

UnLtd will support the company through every stage of implementation, management and maintenance to ensure the ongoing success of the program.