Hear For You - Mentoring young deaf people

Our collaboration with UnLtd is built on more than just financial contribution. This foundation has provided us with networks, support and unlimited opportunities.

We’ve engaged new dimensions of social media and marketing that we could never have before considered. From a business operations perspective UnLtd has connected us with other great youth mentoring organisations like Batyr and AIME, where we shared valuable learnings on reaching out to, and connecting with teenagers in today’s world.   Thanks to workshops provided on social media best practice – we have a fresh and renewed approach at Hear For You, that is shaping the way we deliver our programs and structuring our business model going forward. This is such a valuable partnership for us.

David Brady,


Pyjama Foundation

UnLtd has been pivotal in helping us to launch our very successful program into the Western Sydney region over the past two years.  The financial support that UnLtd has provided has enabled us to screen, recruit and train over 100 volunteer Pyjama Angles in Western Sydney. The Pyjama Foundation tackles the high propensity (92%) of children in foster care that have below average literacy and numeracy levels. Our volunteers that we call angels are matched with a child in foster care to make a positive impact on their education levels, self confidence, self esteem and behaviour.

A testimonial from one of our Angels notes  ‘I have received a lovely email from Harry’s teacher commenting on how Harry’s behaviour and academic results have improved since I began visits. His teacher said Harry’s social skills and focus on literacy had improved noticeably since I began reading with him.’

Bronwyn Sheehan

Founder and Executive Director


UnLtd has provided Batyr with incredible opportunities ranging from mentors to financial support and everything that we have done together has always been centred around achieving our mission: an Australia where young people engage in positive conversations about mental health and are empowered to seek out help when needed. The understanding and commitment by the team at UnLtd from staff and directors to volunteers and mentors, have all shown a willingness to work with us in effectively tackling the challenges together. It is this shared experience, an understanding of small ‘for purpose’ companies and an eagerness to make things happen that has ensured that the greatest beneficiary of this partnership are young people across Australia. UnLtd specifically supports our Batyr@school program that connects young speakers who have lived a social or mental health issue with secondary and tertiary students through sharing their story. This year we aim to engage over 6,000 students across 20 schools through 40 programs.

Sebastian Robertson

Founder and CEO


UnLtd has been a big part of our MMAD family since 2007, generously donating approximately $800,000 to help us change young lives through therapeutic music and mentoring programs. The partnership between MMAD & UnLtd has been unique and powerful. It has allowed us to significantly expand our reach from 100 young people to 20,000 annually. Together, we have delivered 40 specialised youth camps, 1000 workshops and support groups, 50 awareness events, 3 disaster relief tours and more than 1000 creative mentoring sessions for homeless, traumatised, abused and neglected young people. Many young people at MMAD have not only transformed their own lives with the help of UnLtd, they’ve been empowered to use their experiences to help change the lives of other children in need. For these young people, and for all those they are now helping, disadvantage is being undone.

For MMAD, the influence of UnLtd has been exactly what its name suggests and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support.


KidsXpress is a world-first expressive therapy program for children at risk – UnLtd is one of the corner stones on which the KidsXpress foundations have been laid. The support from UnLtd has directly allowed children as young as 4years old up to 14years to attend our unique program. These children’s lives have been effected by trauma such as domestic violence, abuse & neglect and/or grief & loss and today their lives have been significantly transformed by attending the KidsXpress program. This year we aiming to support more children through our core and mobile programs as well as establish a new social enterprise with the support from UnLtd.